Law Commission Proposals - Law Commission proposes overhaul of Wills law

The laws that govern the making of Wills have been in place for 180 years and the Law Commission today released a consultation arguing that these are out of date. 

The Law Commission explains that since these laws were introduced, society has changed to such an extent that a considerable number of amendments need to be made. People are living much longer and with it, our understanding of mental illnesses has grown considerably. The Law Commission considers that these people could be assisted in putting Wills in place. They also highlight how our living arrangements have changed, marriage is not the precursor to people living together and technology has greatly evolved, yet the law on Wills makes no accommodation for this. 

The Law Commission has launched this consultation to get everyone’s views on how the law affects them, what changes people would like to see and why and I would strongly encourage you to participate. Over the next few weeks, to help you weigh up the Law Commissions proposals, I will consider the proposals and offer my views on their suggestions and how they might impact you.