Willen Hospice Make a Will Month this November

Our Private Client Team in Milton Keynes are proud to announce that they are once again taking part in the Willen Hospice Make a Will Month during November. The scheme covers the cost of a free simple single Will, or simple mirror Wills, and provides the opportunity for clients to leave a donation in return, or even a legacy within their Will. Willen Hospice logo

The Make a Will Month was very popular in May this year, raising valuable funds for Willen Hospice in respect of donations, without even taking into account the various legacies left within their Wills. As a charity, Willen Hospice need to raise £420 every hour, £7 every minute, to provide the vital care, services and medication to individuals suffering from life-threatening illnesses, whilst also supporting their families. 

Not only will making a Will through the Make a Will Month Scheme provide vital funds for a deserving charity, it also allows you to ensure that your affairs are in order when you pass away. By preparing a Will, you are provided the freedom to leave your estate to whomever you wish, whether this is a spouse, your children, charities, other family members or friends. A Will can also appoint guardians, which is hugely important, to ensure that your children are cared for by those you trust implicitly and also allows you to gift sentimental assets to someone closest to you.

Not only does a Will provide you with the freedom to ascertain where your assets pass on death, but also assists loved ones who have lost a family member by ensuring that all affairs are in order and set out in a manner which they can understand. If you pass away without a Will, the intestacy rules apply which may mean that your estate passes to family members that you have not spoken to in years, do not have a relationship with or simply someone who you would not have benefitted in your Will had you made one.

Through making a Will during the upcoming Will month, you are given the opportunity to seek specialist legal advice in respect of your Will, whilst also benefitting a brilliant local charity. Please get in contact this November 2017 if you wish to take part by contacting our Milton Keynes office on 01908 660966. 

If you have any other queries pertaining to areas of Private Client law (Wills, trusts, lasting power of attorney or other areas of estate planning) please contact our team in Milton Keynes on 01908 660966 or in Northampton on 01604 828282 and we will be able to provide guidance.