Specific Industries Glossary

  • Common Law of Passing Off
    "Passing Off" means someone is using an unregistered Trade Mark to represent goods or services as their own i.e. representing a link to another business and thus riding off the back of the goodwill and reputation of that business.

  • Indemnities
    Also known as 'to indemnify' and 'indemnification'. Generally, an indemnity is an undertaking or legally binding promise by one party to reimburse another party or pay them directly for certain costs and expenses. A contract may provide that a party will indemnify the other against costs incurred by it in connection with specified matters.

  • Warranties
    A warranty is an assurance or promise made by a party in a contract, which is relied upon by the other party. If the promise or assurance is later found to be false, misleading or untrue and the party relying on the warranty suffers a loss then this may give rise to a claim for damages. It is essentially a minor term of a contract.

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