Security Images - Help

Authentication Failure

You have been directed here from a form on the web site where you were asked to copy the text from an image into the form, however the text you typed didn't match up with the text we expected.

The image we showed you was this:

Please check the following and then use your 'Back' button to return to the form and try again.

  • If the security text includes capital letters, check you have used capitals in the same place
  • The text will be one word, don't add spaces within the word

Why are we asking you to do this

We are all familiar with the problem of unsolicited email advertising, often known as 'spam'. Most email systems are protected to at least some degree against spam, so those sending it are looking for other ways to get their messages sent. One of the ways they do this is to look for web sites with forms that allow the email address of the person receiving the results to be entered in the form. They then misuse these forms to send thousands of spam emails, knowing that the owner of the website will get the blame.

The security image we have asked you to copy is designed to be hard for a computer to read, but fairly easy for a human to read. This helps us make sure that the sender is not someone trying to use our systems to send spam.