Identifying Beneficiaries and Assets

Because of the many different people we work with, our team has an incredibly detailed understanding of the more unusual and complex scenarios that can arise during the process of creating a Will. Before deciding if you need a Will or not, consider a number of things; whether you own a home or share in a property, whether you are married, have children, live with a partner, have been separated from a husband or wife, have remarried, have a death in service scheme through work or if you have any similar lump sum entitlements. If any of these scenarios apply to you, a Will is definitely worth considering as you may be surprised to learn what and who could be affected if you do not have a Will.

It's Not All About Money

A Will exists to do a great deal more than simply settle your financial affairs. Assigning guardians for any children, or setting out funeral wishes are also incredibly important. It may be that you want to ensure that a sentimental item will be passed to a certain person, or in some circumstances you may wish for someone not to benefit from your estate at all. Without a Will you lose influence over these types of matters.

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