Common Problems

The biggest problem with creating a Will by yourself is that if you unknowingly make a mistake in the formalities for a properly drafted Will, you may never become aware of the error. Such mistakes often occur around things like signatories, witnesses, beneficiaries and tax, whilst more complex issues that can lead to possible claims against your estate are often overlooked. If you are planning on creating a Will yourself, obtaining professional legal advice beforehand is invaluable. We can make sure you understand what to include and what you should avoid.

Peace of Mind

The main appeal of a homemade Will is that they are relatively low cost. The short term saving in comparison to a professionally drafted document is dwarfed by the potential for loss if for whatever reason the Will is later found to be invalid. At the very least we encourage anybody who is thinking about their options to get an opinion from a professional who can make a fair evaluation of their situation and offer honest advice.

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