Appointing a Probate Solicitor

Instructing a legal firm to manage acquisition of a Grant of Probate and handling the administration of an estate begins with a thorough assessment of the estate. Once completed, issues such as addressing outstanding tax affairs, tracing beneficiaries, applying terms of the will or Intestacy Rules, dealing with Inheritance Tax and managing beneficiaries is all taken care of. With these tasks fulfilled, the estate can be distributed, all whilst having minimised any risk to the Executors.

Our Probate Service

Any probate work that we carry out is assessed beforehand and we always like to meet you initially to discuss the likely work which is involved based on your personal situation. Once there is an understanding of the work involved we provide full details of anticipated costs upfront. If instructed we will update you throughout the procedures and can readily offer advice on any related area with which you may need assistance.

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