We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are unique. Some families have a member who is disabled or vulnerable and these need special consideration and experience, not only of legal issues but also the practical and benefit related problems that affect the whole family.

Quality of Service

A wide range of legal issues affect older and vulnerable people. Two of our Team are full SFE members and have the experience and specialist knowledge to provide independent advice, which is in the older or vulnerable client's best interests, respecting dignity and understanding the need for a holistic approach to problem solving.

Not just any lawyer can be a member of SFE. To gain full accredited membership, our Solicitors spent a substantial amount of their time working for older and vulnerable clients and had to fulfil the SFE criteria for accredited membership.

Our Team of Solicitors are all either full or student members of STEP, the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations. Full members of STEP are entitled to use the designation TEP after their name are the most experienced and senior practitioners in the field of trusts and estates.

We all embrace the STEP professional standards and are subject to an extensive Code of Professional Conduct, requiring us to act at all times with integrity and in a manner that inspires the confidence, respect and trust of our clients and of the wider community. We keep up to date with the latest legal, technical and regulatory developments.

Court of Protection

Sometimes, things go wrong.

Lasting Powers of Attorney may not have been put in place in time or questions arise about the operation of them by the Attorney.

Contentious Wills, Trusts and Inheritance claims

Concerns might arise that a Will should not be valid, maybe because it was made at a point in time when the testator did not have sufficient mental capacity to make a Will or it was made under duress or undue influence by a third party. Sometimes, family members are excluded from benefitting under a Will, whether deliberately or by accident.

There can be occasions when the Beneficiaries of a Will are concerned that the Executors appointed are not carrying out their duties properly or are not accounting to them appropriately.

Trustees of Trusts have rigorous fiduciary duties but it may be felt that they are not exercising their discretion in accordance with the Trust or the law.

We can advise on the legal remedies that may be available in these and other similar circumstances.

Certainty, the National Will Register

Franklins Solicitors LLP are members of “Certainty, the National Will Register”.

What does registering your Will with “Certainty” achieve?

  • The Register records that you have prepared a Will and that we hold it; no one else sees it and we still store it in here.
  • Following your death, the Register gives us details about anyone who is looking for your Will.
  • We answer the query if it is legitimate but if not, we ignore it, thus protecting both your privacy and your beneficiaries.

Although Franklins keep a database of all the Wills we hold, changing circumstances, moving to another area or simply the passage of time can sometimes make it difficult for beneficiaries to locate a Will. Registering your Will with Certainty ensures that solicitors across the country can log the existence of Wills in a central place. This ensures that your Will is easily traceable by your beneficiaries and not overlooked.