Divorce Solicitors

Reaching a fair agreement amidst the emotional circumstances of a break up can be difficult for both parties. Franklins use specialist knowledge and experience to offer you clear advice and apply proven methods to achieve a fair settlement away from the courts wherever possible.

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We believe that this is preferable in almost all circumstances given that it is considerably less expensive and stressful than court proceedings.


If for any reason it does become impossible for you to achieve a mutual agreement, we have substantial expertise in furthering matters through the courts to achieve an appropriate division of assets.

Use of Mediation

Our approach at Franklins is to resolve family problems in a manner that minimises dispute and personal strain, both emotionally and financially. We believe that in most instances, settlements can be made through rational discussion and reasonable concession. We promote this approach to keep cost and conflict to a minimum. Mediation sees the parties meeting in a controlled environment with a neutral person known as a mediator who will then assist the parties in trying to resolve their issues in a face to face meeting. A mediator will always recommend that both parties seek their own independent legal advice.