Obtaining an Injunction

If you face threats or acts of violence, harassment or aggression, Franklins can offer you help in obtaining legal protection through the Courts. There are different forms of protection available including formally forbidding certain behaviours as well as excluding an individual from a property. If these conditions are breached then the case can be brought before the Court with a view to the offender being prosecuted. During this process the Courts can work to keep you safe from potential harm.

Facing an Injunction application

If you are faced with an accusation which may lead to an application for an injunction against you or there are Court proceedings already underway we are able to offer you advice and assistance. In circumstances where you are required to attend Court, we can provide you with representation and advice throughout the process.

Enforcing an Injunction

Once an injunction is put in place it orders an individual to refrain from behaving in a certain way. If the criteria set out in the Court Order are breached, steps can be taken to enforce the order and address the breach.

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