At the End of a Relationship

We cannot emphasise enough that whilst these circumstances are hard, failure to resolve any outstanding financial affairs can lead to long disputes and uncertainty. If not addressed straight away, there is the potential for claims to be made well into the future. With a settlement reached, the issue is resolved and all parties will receive closure on the matter.

Legal Advice

If you have separated or divorced, then we offer legal advice regarding what you need to consider and the next steps you need to take. Once both parties are in agreement, the relevant legal documentation can be drafted. The terminology used for this document will vary depending on individual circumstances, but the purpose, fundamentally the same; to create a legally binding agreement that can be upheld by the court if there is a future dispute. In order for the agreement to be valid, both parties must have had the opportunity to take legal advice prior to signing this type of agreement. The solicitors at Franklins will work closely with you and liaise with your partner or spouse to manage the process smoothly whilst protecting your interests.

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