Constructive Negotiation

Although we understand that it can be difficult, our belief is that negotiation and amicable agreement is the best way to achieve a positive outcome. This process can be used by your lawyer as a pathway to establish clear agreements relating to contact, residence and parental responsibility away from the expense and stress of court.

Court Proceedings

In cases where a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, we have considerable expertise in dealing with formal court proceedings which involve establishing rights for parents as well as obtaining court orders for any specific issues that apply in each case. Whilst this is rarely the desired channel for those involved it is nevertheless effective in reaching a conclusion that is enforceable by law.


When adopting a child, prospective parents are required to go through a variety of stages including certain evaluations and legal procedures. This process can take time and in certain cases may be affected by previous legal proceedings that in some way involve the child. For this reason if you instruct Franklins to work on your behalf we offer not just our legal expertise, but a guarantee of confidentiality.

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