Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM), also known as Direct Child Consultation is part of the Family Mediation process which provides an opportunity for children to speak privately with a qualified Accredited Mediator to discuss a specific point or express their views and thoughts on the decisions and arrangements that are to be made about them by their parents or guardians. 

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During or after parents separate the children often experience all sorts of emotions including being anxious and insecure about how they are going to fit in to the new dynamics of the family.  They may worry about things such as whether they are going to have to move home, go away from their friends, change school and how it is all going to work with their parents in two different places.

Child Inclusive Mediation invites a child to voice their thoughts to the Mediator and understand that their concerns are acknowledged and their wishes considered.  They will not be asked to make choices or decisions themselves although, if the child agrees, their thoughts can be fed back to their parents through the Mediator with the view to helping parents make informed decisions.

This type of mediation usually takes place where the main parties are already in mediation and where it is considered that it might be helpful when making decisions for the parents to establish a point in question in respect of the children.  

Child Inclusive Mediation will only take place where both the parents or guardians consent, where the child voluntarily wishes to take part, and only if the Mediator feels it is appropriate.


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