Family Solicitors

Franklins Solicitors friendly and approachable family lawyers deliver a dedicated service that is second to none.

At Franklins, we understand the value of family. Each one is unique, with different dynamics, relationships and troubles that can often escalate into disputes due to the emotion involved. As specialists in family law, it’s our job to tackle these issues; reducing tensions and helping you get your life back on track.

Our family solicitors are members of both Resolution and the Family Law Panel; so you can trust our team to seek the most amicable, cost effective resolution for your dispute. Where possible, we will encourage an agreement through constructive mediation sessions or assist you with calm negotiations using the collaborative approach.

Before getting to work on finding resolution, our family solicitors will take the time to gain an in depth understanding of your unique situation in order to provide advice that is tailored to your needs. While we aim to keep the time and costs at a minimum in any family law case, we will never rush to wrap things up: instead, we’ll do all in our power to protect your interests and ensure that your family conflict is resolved in a way that leaves you with minimal stress.  

Whatever your enquiry, our discreet and professional divorce advice helps put you at ease, secure in the knowledge that your family problem is being handled in the most cost effective and conciliatory manner, without losing sight of our primary goal of achieving the best possible outcome for you.

From our experience, we know that family issues can often be the most difficult to discuss. Teaming a sensitive approach with determination, our family solicitors always do what we can to ensure that no conflict is dragged out longer than it needs to be.

Our family lawyers can help with a range of issues as listed below:


The pain of ending a marriage or civil partnership is difficult enough without mentioning the legal process involved. Often, separating couples struggle to reach an agreement on the division of assets, property or children, and this can lead to court room battles that take up a lot of time as well as money. Through tactical negotiation, on-going support and practical advice, you can rely on our family solicitors to get you on the route to resolution as soon as possible. Divorce is never easy or enjoyable, but with a team of specialists on your side you can rest assured that it will not last any longer than it has to.


At Franklins, we are firm believers in keeping conflicts out of court. Using methods of alternative dispute resolution such as Mediation, our solicitors can guide both you and your ex-partner through tough and emotional decisions. Mediation involves both parties getting together with a professional mediator to discuss the outcome of their separation in a calm environment, with the mediator actively making suggestions and guiding both parties through to resolution. If successful, you will find that your divorce or dissolution is complete in a reasonable amount of time.

Child Law

When children are involved in family law cases, our priority is their safety and wellbeing. Whether it’s a dispute over custody or adoption, our family solicitors work to ensure a bright future for children of all backgrounds and ages by securing a safe place they can call home and a guardian who will protect them at all times. Where social services are involved, it is our duty as your family solicitors to assist and advise you throughout the investigation as well as providing representation where needed.

Domestic Violence

If you are suffering any form of domestic abuse, it can be difficult to speak to anyone about your situation. You may worry that discussing the situation with a member of law enforcement will make the situation worse. At Franklins, we believe that no one should suffer in silence. That’s why we work every day to protect our clients from physical and mental abuse in their home through legally binding court orders. With a sensitive but firm approach, you can rely on our family solicitors for support, reinforcement, advice and legal action that will put an end to the suffering you are experiencing in your home.

If you are currently involved in a family conflict, are separating from your partner or seek protection from abuse in the home, Franklins family solicitors will be there for you from start to finish to protect your interests and find resolution. Give us a call on 01908 660966 or 01604 82828 to talk to a member of our team or fill out our contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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