Anxiety over what is happening, how it all works and how the money will work out are all natural worries that we can do a lot to overcome for you. Not only will we write to you and call you with updates, but you can also see at a glance what is happening by logging on to our secure case reporting feature on this website. We can also email you and text you with updates whilst you are on the move if you wish.

Flats and Leasehold Titles

Buying a flat is becoming ever more popular, but it is important to realise that the legal work is more involved because it is essential to ensure the lease terms are compliant with lenders policies as well as ensuring that the rights and obligations between the flat seller and the landlord have all been honoured. We will look at all these factors and advise you fully on all angles.

Shared Ownership

Buying a shared ownership property is very much like buying a leasehold flat, but with more rules to consider and advise on. A shared ownership home is however the best way for a great many to get onto the property ladder and we are experts at reviewing the various schemes and advising you how they work.

Right to Buy

Tenants of local authorities can acquire rights to buy the freehold or leasehold title. We can help on these purchases too and advise on the implications of the change from tenant to owner and also on the mortgage commitments.

Completing Your Mortgage

Aside from advising you on the property purchase we will also be instructed to act by your lender if you are seeking mortgage finance. We are on the approved panels for the vast majority of the principal lenders. We will therefore be able to discuss with you and advise you in full on all aspects of the lenders' requirements.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

For purchases of all properties (some regeneration areas have exemptions), the buyer has a legal obligation to complete a tax return form detailing all aspects of the transaction. For properties over £125,000 the buyer has to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax also. We know from experience that this can be a problem and we therefore take care of this for you too to prevent you suffering tax penalties.

Complexities of Ownership

If you are buying as a single individual then there is not too much to worry about, but if you are buying as a couple, then there are a number of important issues to be covered to make sure the investments you are each making are properly and fully protected. We will provide you with full guidance and advice.

Co-ownership Agreements

Two or more people buying a property must decide on the basis of their ownership and consider the protection of their respective investments for the time after the property is sold. The importance of a trust deed to reflect unequal contributions for couples who are not married is, we believe, an absolute must and should be considered along with making a Will.

Buying as an Investor - Buy to Let

You may be buying as a long term investor or you may be buying with a view to rapid turnaround. Either way, we can provide you with expert advice and guidance including familiarity with commercial mortgage lending criteria. Being in a position to begin to realise the investment potential as soon as possible is vitally important and our advice is commercially based.


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