Premises and Storage

Facilities for storage and business premises that can become an operational hub are required for almost all logistics businesses. A solicitor with experience in this area will be able to advise you of not only the options that you have in terms of acquisition of property, but also give far more specific expertise as to how the trading conditions of key industry associations can be met. We also offer assistance for situations where storage or transportation of goods is required but there are uncertainties about the associated laws.

Staff and Operations

Working hours, safety and road laws are just a few of the particularly relevant areas to the logistics and warehousing business. Obtaining and maintaining the relevant Operator Licences is particularly important, as is gaining an understanding of the effects of transportation conventions such as CMR and TIR. Working in an advisory capacity, Franklins can collaborate with you to meet the standard practices of major trade associations such as the FTA, RHA and BIFA as well as establishing your own terms of business as required.


With large overheads and large transactions, the financial aspect of a logistics business demands tight control over cash flow and funding. With a team comprising of different areas of expertise, financial issues including management of debtors and creditors are easily handled by our solicitors.

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