Law for Professionals

There are many angles from which Franklins is able to provide useful advice and detailed consultation including contract negotiations, industry association rules, health or injury issues, wealth protection, privacy and family matters. Additional expertise in how to manage your situation can make a big difference and with our understanding of the many areas of law that may affect you both personally and professionally, we can provide a complete advisory service whilst your career progresses.

Law for Sports Clubs

For those who are involved in ownership or management of a sports club, Franklins offers expert legal advice and representation for issues relating to employment, disputes and finances. With professional sports clubs also bound by the codes of industry bodies and associations, our detailed understanding of professional contracts allows us to unravel the complexities of operating with multiple legal obligations, avoiding unwanted issues. As well as protecting the club itself, our expertise in Intellectual Property rights can be applied to protect the club as a brand, providing added security in areas such as merchandising and partnerships. Our sections on Intellectual Property provide further insight into how Franklins can assist in protecting a club’s intangible rights.

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