At Franklins, our specialists appreciate this diverse area of law and as such the many risks surrounding it. With the current boom in the industries, especially in relation to social media, there have been many opportunities provided, but the challenges that come with this growth are not to be overlooked. In order to manage and advise upon this area’s complex nature, our experienced solicitors have an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the range of options available to every client.

The options outlined to clients are based not only on entertainment and media law, but also the many other areas of law which are encompassed in and relevant to this broad area. We excel in bridging these areas together in order to provide a seamless and efficient service which covers all aspects of our clients’ concerns.

Expert Legal Advice

We offer advice on a vast array of areas including advertising, content distribution and licensing rights through to games and competitions. The huge public reach of these activities means that they are areas rich with legislation, so we offer advice that is clear, relevant and practical based on your needs. Furthermore, due to the fast pace of the industry, we understand the importance of replying swiftly and as such we make sure that one of our solicitors is always at hand to assist.

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