Contracts and Compliance

Technology businesses are heavily reliant upon contracts and legislation to protect their Intellectual Property and consumers demand equal levels of protection over the security of their personal information and any transaction they make. This focus on protection is at the forefront of our solicitors’ minds when providing advice on such matters.

For organisations involved in creating, maintaining, selling, integrating or distributing software in any manner, we have experience of negotiating and drafting the exact legal documentation needed to provide secure foundations for successful and lawful trading. We consider all parties in this process, from suppliers to end clients and everything in between, no matter how trivial their influence may seem.

In order to ensure that your products are suitable for their market, we offer in depth consultation on achieving full compliance with consumer legislation.

Intellectual Property on the Internet

Like the internet itself, the law around it is vast. Due to the open nature of much of the World Wide Web, Intellectual Property must be carefully managed and rigorously guarded. Formalising agreements that protect online identity and property forms a large part of this work and at Franklins we specialise in advising on these areas including disputes over domain issues, online brand protection, defamation and cybersquatting.

Please review our section on Intellectual Property and the Internet for further guidance on this matter.

Web Marketing and E-Commerce

For businesses that specialise in web design, marketing and online trade, we can offer expertise on the legal obligations that exist within your area of business. E-commerce businesses face regulation relating to how transactions are carried out, advertising and on certain payment methods (escrow arrangements), but should also ensure that their terms offer them suitable protection as with any other business. Web designers and developers similarly need to protect their interests and at Franklins we can assist with creating business agreements for this particular area and advising on the legal compliance of proposed design, content and terms of use.

We always ensure that our advice is up to date and as such, should any changes be implemented, then our advice will take such developments into account.

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