A Shareholders Agreement can create an extra layer of protection for all shareholders by specifying that certain decisions require unanimous consent before proceeding. It is equally important to ensure that your Shareholders Agreement is specific to your needs. Our corporate team is experienced in drafting bespoke agreements which reflect the nature of your business and shareholders. Our agreements include a range of provisions including confidentiality clauses, restrictions on engaging with a competing business and dealing with unforeseen circumstances to protect your investment. Whether you are investing in a company, operating an owner-managed business, or starting a new company with family members or close relations, we strongly recommend putting in place a Shareholders Agreement to protect the interests of all parties.

Shareholders disputes-prevention rather than cure

Unfortunately, disputes can arise between shareholders. Such disputes often arise if the business is not going to plan or if unforeseen circumstances occur. Whilst you cannot prepare for every eventuality, through our years of experience advising shareholders, we are familiar with the situations that could arise and will address these in the Shareholders Agreement in order to pre-empt the circumstances, prevent a dispute, and save you time and money in the long term.

Our litigation team are also experienced in dealing with shareholders’ disputes – either where an agreement has been breached or, as the case may be, where no agreement is in place. They will work seamlessly with our corporate team to advise you of your options and will endeavour to find a solution to the issue without reverting to Court intervention were possible.

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