Bad Tenants Need to be Removed

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Buy-to-let landlords need assurance that their property is earning money for the maximum amount of time. A bad tenant who fails to pay the rent or fails to look after the property needs to be removed as soon as possible so the landlord can start earning money again from their investment.

Tenant Eviction Step 1

We will serve a notice demanding the tenant leaves and that all arrears of rent are paid within fourteen days.

Tenant Eviction Step 2

If Step 1 has not done the trick we will start court action immediately after the notice to quit has expired to obtain orders for eviction and payment of arrears.

Tenant Eviction Step 3

If the tenant fails to respond to the court order we will instruct bailiffs on a court order to forcibly remove the tenant if necessary.

Getting Started

Please go to Step 1, the instruction form can be downloaded from the downloads section appearing on the right had side of this screen and emailed or faxed back to us.

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