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One form of Alternative Dispute Resolution increasingly encouraged by Judges as a means of keeping cases out of court is mediation.

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What services do we offer? 

Mediation offers a confident and private solution to a dispute in which the parties can be flexible in their approach to reaching a settlement free from the limitation of the court and legal environment. Commercial solutions can be reached in situations whereby a legal judgment is rigid. With the benefits of lower costs, it is not surprising that many businesses are now electing to mediate a dispute at the earliest opportunity.

Mediation doesn't just work when relationships between two businesses go sour. It can also assist companies in resolving internal disputes between employees, directors, managers and rescue tension between teams when reaching an agreed work plan. This is advantageous particularly when the costs of recruitment, training and any potential grievance are considered. It also offers all parties a third party neutral – someone not connected to a HR team or the company that could be perceived to bring a biased view into an already tense relationship.

Mediation has an excellent success rate meaning that any party choosing to mediate has a very good chance of the dispute being settled there and then. Usually the parties split the cost of the mediator and this joint investment in seeking a resolution adds to each party’s commitment to the process.

Get to know our Mediator, Sarah Canning

As well as being Head of the Dispute Resolution team across both the Northampton and Milton Keynes offices, Sarah is also a dual Accredited Mediator gaining the internationally recognised CEDR accreditation (Centre of Effective Dispute Resolution) certification in 2018 and London’s Regent’s University School of Psychotherapy and Psychology accreditation in 2017. She is also a full individual member of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).

CMC Member Individual 2018                      Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

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Franklins’ Solicitors appreciate that it is in the parties interests not to litigate if there is a prospect of a continued relationship, therefore it is essential that a course of action is undertaken that is most appropriate for the client. This is where methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, specifically Mediation, come into play in order to settle a dispute without the need for court proceedings. If you would like further details on mediation or to speak with our Accredited Mediator please contact us on 01908 660966 or 01604 828282 or complete our online form.

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