To obtain an order of this sort you will need to know the debtor's bank details and need to know that the third party is within the Court's jurisdiction. You may have been able to gain this information as a result of an order to obtain information from the debtor see previous page.

An application for a third party debt order will initially be dealt with by a Judge without a hearing to speed the process. The Judge at this point can make an interim order that the third party must not allow the debtor to reduce the amount they hold to less than the amount owed to you.

If however the debtor or his/her family is suffering hardship as a result of an order and are unable to meet ordinary living expenses they can apply to the Court for an order permitting the Bank or Building Society to make a payment out of the account. A hearing is required before the final order is made. In most cases the practice is straightforward and the third party will be directed to pay you.

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