Debtor Response

A debtor may choose to respond in a number of ways. They may pay the debt, acknowledge it and file a defence, dispute part or all of the debt or may not respond at all. If they do not respond, then it is possible for the court to proceed to entering judgment which is where conditions and a schedule for payment are set out. This can be enforced if payment is still refused.

Admission and Payment

On receiving claim documentation, a debtor may make immediate payment of the debt, or alternatively admit part of or all of the debt. If the debtor chooses to fully admit their liability, further action can be taken in the form of entering judgment. This involves the court dictating what happens next, usually by outlining how payments will be made. A partial admission of the debt will mean that a further decision is required on how to proceed and usually it is best to consult your solicitor for advice in these circumstances.

Dispute and Defence

If the debtor wishes to dispute the claim, they may file a defence. Copies of the defence are provided to the claimant and their solicitor at which point a decision can be made on whether to continue progressing the claim.

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