Financial Management – Finance Directors, accountants and banking relationship managers all will be keen to understand financial impact of the dispute upon cashflow, forecasts and budgets in addition to understanding the overall risk to the business;

Staffing Issues -  employment matters can arise particularly if there are disciplinary issues leading from the dispute and also if staff are due to provide witness evidence in support of the company’s position;

Internal Investigations-  reviews of systems and how processes can be put in place to provide the strongest legal protection to a business can and often should follow a dispute;

Public Relations – a dispute, however private, can lead to reputational damage internally and externally.

At Franklins Solicitors we are aware that your dispute can lead to many wider challenges. Our teams work closely  together with you to ensure that you have access to all the information, support and advice you need to minimise the impact and continue to work on your business success.

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