It is also the case that failure to address and resolve internal disputes quickly, effectively and proportionally can lead to them becoming the focus of the day-to-day activities and a distraction to the business as a whole.

It is of course entirely a natural occurrence for a ‘falling out’ to occur but seeking an amicable resolution is far more preferable in the long run.

Franklins Solicitors are experts in dealing with sensitive business disputes particularly in relation to:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Breach of the Shareholder Agreement
  • Disputes over Directors remuneration
  • Breach of the Company constitution
  • Protection of Minority shareholders

Franklins Solicitors passionately believe that internal Company disputes should be resolved without recourse to the Court system for it is not in anyone’s interest for the business or the organisation to be ‘put on hold’ whilst the Directors or Shareholders ‘fight to be right’. Franklins will always place the client’s long term interests and objectives at the forefront of any matter and will assist them in achieving these goals as expeditiously and as cost effectively as possible.

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