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We understand that disputes can take you away from moving your business forward. We therefore seek to proactively resolve disputes and move away from conflict to reach a commercial result that the business wants to achieve.

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At Franklins, our reputation is built from hard work. When we act for businesses, we are proactive in our approach, understanding your commercial and practical needs before working to find a tailored solution to even the most challenging of disputes. Of course, we know that running a company won’t always be plain sailing. Naturally, disagreements will occur and disputes will arise. It’s how you deal with them that defines the outcome. With vast experience in business law, you can trust our commercial litigation solicitors to find resolution in a cost-effective and timely manner, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

From contractual disputes to professional negligence claims and disagreements between directors and shareholders, there’s no corporate conflict our commercial litigation solicitors can’t handle. In order to resolve your dispute with minimal fuss, we will attempt to find resolution through mediation. This allows both parties to express either side of the argument, detailing what they hope to achieve. Using skillful negotiation tactics, our solicitors will attempt to find a solution that satisfies each side, saving you the costs of courtroom confrontation. Nevertheless, where disputes have escalated beyond alternative dispute resolution and require litigation, our solicitors will not hesitate in taking appropriate action to secure your desired outcome.

 With a proven track record in resolving disputes for businesses across a range of industries, you can rely on Franklins to find a solution. From the moment you instruct us, you’ll have a team of experts on board ready to assist and advise you through any corporate conflict that’s standing in the way of your business. Legal issues we can assist your company with include, but are not limited to:

Contractual Disputes

Contracts form the basis of most commercial relationships. From contracts between client and company to those drawn up between employers and employees, contracts are essential in memorialising the terms agreed upon when the business relationship was formed. If one party does not adhere to these terms and certain obligations are not met, having this documentation becomes vital in providing clarity as to what went wrong. However, contractual disputes can often be tedious and bitterly fought if action is not taken early to find a solution. That’s why our commercial litigation solicitors will be here to guide you through the most complicated contractual disputes to resolution and be at hand for strategic advice every step of the way.

Professional Negligence Claims

As a business owner, it’s likely that you’ve sought out the services or products from professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors or estate agents. However, if you experienced negligence at the hands of these professionals which cost you any amount of financial loss, our commercial litigation solicitors will do what we can to redress this and put things right. Professional negligence can take many forms, but the bottom line of each case is the same: if the duty of care was breached and caused a loss to you, you deserve some form of compensation. With vast experience in this specialist area of law, you can rely on our commercial litigation solicitors to undertake a thorough investigation and take necessary legal action to obtain redress.

Debt Recovery

Here at Franklins, our dedicated team has helped a large number of businesses to recover debts from customers with minimal fuss or fallout. As businesspeople, we understand the frustration caused by chasing a customer for the payment you earned and deserve. Not only is it stressful, but also time consuming. You may also worry about alienating your customers by actively pursuing the debt. That’s why our commercial litigation solicitors are here to help you set up a strong cash flow system, using a sensitive but firm approach to tackle the often-difficult issue of late payments and debt recovery.

Director and Shareholder Disputes

Dividing control within businesses can be difficult, and if balance is not maintained, disputes can and often do arise. When directors and shareholders disagree about critical business decisions or how the company should progress, conflicts can escalate and result in costly court procedures as well as having a significant impact on a company’s success. It may be the case that shareholders do not feel their interests are accurately represented, or as a director you feel the board is acting improperly. At Franklins, we’ve assisted both directors and shareholders through the most difficult disputes to resolution, minimising the damage done by using tactical negotiation and carefully mediating arguments. Where stronger legal action is required, we will not hesitate in issuing court orders where appropriate. Our solicitors know the potential these disputes have in stifling business, and it’s our job to bring balance back to the board.

With the experience and expertise necessary, you can rely on Franklin’s expert team of commercial litigation solicitors to see you through even the most complex conflicts to resolution. For pragmatic advice and representation, get in touch with us today.

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