Partnership Agreements

There are many factors which you should consider when forming a partnership. A successful Partnership Agreement will be tailored to your business plans and structure, address the key elements of the agreement and provide a mechanism to address unforeseen circumstances which may arise. Financial decisions are one of the core aspects of a partnership and you will need to consider not only the capital contributions of each partner but also how the profits will be divided. Our corporate team will work closely with your accountant and other professional advisors to ensure that the provisions of the agreement work for your business model. We combine our legal experience with your requirements to create a Partnership Agreement which contains the mechanisms you need to build a successful business.

Terminating or Converting a Partnership

After building a successful business or on the retirement of a Partner, it is not uncommon for the Partners to move the business into a limited Company and to dissolve the Partnership. There are a series of essential decisions that will need to be made and documentation to be carefully drafted to ensure that the assets of the partnership are properly transferred and your agreement effected. Bringing an end to a business relationship need not be a stressful experience and our corporate team will support you through this process to reach a solution that works from a legal and commercial perspective.

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