Moreover, although the considerations and concerns of a Franchisor and Franchisee will vary, it is important to ensure that each party fully understands their own obligations and commitments before proceeding. Failure to do so could result in a failed business and unwanted litigation.

The Complexities of Franchise Agreements

Whether you are considering franchising your business or joining a franchise, experience is essential in order to negotiate the complex terms that are often included in a Franchise Agreement. We are experienced in working with franchisors to prepare a Franchise Agreement that suits your business as well as advising Franchisees of the legal obligations and risks associated with entering into the Franchise Agreement. We understand the key elements of a Franchise Agreement and how this affects you and your business, including more challenging features such as restrictive covenants, renewal fees and use and ownership of intellectual property.

Associated Business Services

When advising our Clients, we take a commercial approach and focus not only on the task in hand but also on your underlying requirements and business needs. When joining a Franchise, it may be that you will need a premises to operate from you may engage employees as part of the business model, or you may set up as a limited company or limited liability partnership and require additional support to protect you and your business interests. We therefore have specialist teams on hand ready to support and advise you with these aspects of your business as and when required.

Dispute Resolution

If you enter a disagreement with your franchisor or franchisee, we can apply our expertise to assist you with solving the problem. In the case of a serious dispute, our knowledge of the law and the franchise business environment allows us to advise effectively on a contract termination, should that be the appropriate course of action.

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