We apply our experience and expertise to the formation process, ensuring that the type of company used is appropriate and that the company’s Articles of Association are tailored to your needs, and will advise you of the ongoing obligations and broader considerations that you will need to be aware of in running your new company and business in the longer term.

Company Secretarial Services – Compliance with the Companies Act 2006

The Companies Act 2006 imposes a series of ongoing obligations in relation to maintenance of the company’s public and private records, including filing at Companies House and recording directors’ decisions in Board Minutes and Resolutions. If you are unfamiliar with these responsibilities it can be easy to miss a filing deadline or fail to retain the correct records, which results in a breach of the Companies Act 2006. Moreover, it is fundamental that you ensure that you also understand your own decision-making requirements and the terms of the company’s Articles of Association. Something as simple as having insufficient quorum could render a key decision invalid. Moreover, notwithstanding the fact the company is a limited liability company, certain breaches of the Companies Act 2006 (such as a failure to declare an interest in a transaction or failure to file a Special Resolution at Companies House) could also have personal consequences for the directors if an offence is deemed to have been committed under the Companies Act 2006.

It is therefore essential that you ensure compliant decision making and that the requisite filing is undertaken at Companies House as appropriate. Our corporate team will analyse your company’s constitutional documentation and apply our industry knowledge understanding of the Companies Act 2006 to advise you on its requirements and draft the necessary documentation to ensure the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 are observed.

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