Terms and Conditions

Company terms and conditions need to be the first line of protection against potential disputes for a business. They are very much about prevention and should fit with the company trading practices. We will frequently meet with our clients to achieve this, gaining an understanding of the business and the environment in which they operate, so that relevant terms are factored in.


Able to offer advice to both parties within a franchise agreement, we have a deep understanding of the different rights and responsibilities that the franchisor and franchisee have to one another. With there being a number of very specific considerations for this type of business arrangement, it’s critical to have detailed, formal documentation that sets out what is expected from each party. For a franchisor, this will need to offer protection to areas including operating practices, trademarks and reputation. For franchisees, the rights, territories and duration covered by an agreement are all important considerations and should be clearly detailed in a written agreement before proceeding.


We are experts in creating robust documentation to formally verify any commercial agreement. Giving consideration to general commercial law as well as the application of specific legislation for certain industries, all possibilities are covered. As part of the work we undertake in preparing these contracts, we apply our own knowledge, assess existing contracts and work in collaboration with you to positively identify any areas which require detailed consideration over and above a standard trading contract.

Agency and Distribution

Agreements involving agencies and distributors can be complex so we aim to prepare agreements that are functional and compliant both domestically and internationally, an area that often affects these relationships. We can assist in producing both generic and bespoke agreements as your requirements demand.

Internet and E-commerce

As an industry grows, so do the laws and contractual obligations surrounding it. We can offer comprehensive advice on structuring contracts for online trading, as well as providing you with guidance on your own obligations to your customers whilst you are conducting business on the web.

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