Your solicitor will proactively work through the due diligence process (which is designed to identify any potential issues), advise you of any concerns that arise, and seek to address any risks by incorporating legal warranties and indemnities if necessary into your contractual documentation. Our experienced solicitors ensure that your business needs will be met as well as addressing and protecting against any problems which may arise.

If you are looking to sell your business, we can also assist you in preparing for your disposal by undertaking a Due Diligence Audit in advance. This is designed to prepare your business for a disposal from a legal perspective and to maximise business value and minimise your risks in the disposals process.

Structuring the Transaction

It is fundamental to ensure that the structure of the transaction is right for you. Whether you proceed on the basis of an asset sale or acquisition, or if you are selling or buying shares in a private limited company, we will ensure that the contractual documentation is tailored to your needs. If you are unsure as to which structure is right for you, we will advise on this from a legal perspective and prepare the requisite documentation accordingly.

The Advantage of Expertise

Our commercial team has a great deal of experience in managing both acquisitions and disposals of varying scales. The way in which transactions are structured can have a great deal of impact on the outcome in real terms. We therefore engage with other professionals as well as our in-house knowledge in order to negotiate and draft bespoke agreements which will take maximum advantage of specific features of the business in question. This experience and attention to detail pays dividends for either buyers or sellers, so regardless of your position we can apply the necessary knowledge to achieve the optimal outcome for your business.

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