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A bad tenant who doesn’t pay their rent, look after your property correctly, or in any other way breaks the terms of their tenancy agreement, can significantly harm your commercial interests. Tenants who engage in anti-social behaviour can also damage your reputation with neighbours, making your life more difficult.

Franklins’ expert tenant eviction solicitors in Northampton can help you quickly and efficiently remove problem tenants, allowing you to regain possession of your property and start renting it out to someone more suitable as soon as possible

Please make sure to speak to a solicitor experienced in landlord and tenant law before attempting to evict a tenant. If you do not follow the correct procedure you could be accused of harassing or illegally evicting your tenants.

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Franklins’ tenant eviction service

When you contact us to help remove a bad tenant from your property, there are a number of steps we can take to resolve the situation.

Step 1: Servicing notice

Our first action will normally be to issue a written notice to the tenant demanding that they vacate the property and that any rent arrears is paid within 14 days.

Step 2: Court action

If the tenant does not leave, fails to repay their rent arrears, or does not come to some other acceptable agreement with 14 days, we will then immediately begin court proceedings on your behalf. We will obtain court orders for eviction and payment of arrears as appropriate.

Step 3: Instructing bailiffs

If the tenant does not respond to the court order or court orders issues, we can then instruct bailiffs acting on a court order to forcibly remove the tenant if necessary. Bailiffs may also be empowered to seize tenants’ possessions up to the value of their rent arrears to recover the debt you are owed.

How quickly can you evict a tenant?

If a tenant has broken the terms of their tenancy agreement, you can give them between 2 weeks’ and 2 months’ notice, depending on which terms they have broken.

If the tenant has not broken the terms of their tenancy agreement, but you wish to take back possession of the property, e.g. to carry out renovations or to sell the property, you will normally need to give 2 months’ notice.

Our expertise

Franklins has over 30 years’ experience helping landlords deal with legal issues involving their tenants and all other aspect of buying and renting property.

We employ over 100 staff across our offices in Northampton and central Milton Keynes, working with landlords across the East Midlands and South East England. Our service combines traditional legal expertise with the latest technology, making us one of the most innovative law firms in the county, able to offer a truly modern approach to the law.

We are accredited to ISO 9001 standard and Lexcel accredited by the Law Society. We are also a recognised Investor in People. These attainments reflect our commitment to providing excellence as standard, not as an exception.

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