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If you are named as the Executor of a Will, it is important to make sure you understand all of your legal responsibilities and discharge them correctly. This can ensure the probate process proceeds swiftly and minimise the potential for any problems.

If you wish to challenge the contents of a Will, or need to respond to a challenge brought by someone else, getting the right legal advice and representation can allow you to quickly resolve the matter and protect your interests.

Franklins’ expert probate solicitors in Northampton have many years of experience helping clients navigate the probate process. We can ensure all the legal details are taken care of, making the process as simple, fast and stress-free as possible.

Whether you are the Executor of a Will, want to challenge a Will or need help dealing with a challenge to a Will, our expert probate solicitors in Northampton can help. Get in touch by calling 01604 828282 or using our contact form for a prompt response.

Franklins’ probate service in Northampton

Our probate solicitors in Northampton can help with every aspect of the probate process, including:

  • Acting as an Executor of an estate
  • Applying for a Grant of Probate
  • Applying for a Grant of Representation
  • Dealing with probate where a loved one has died without leaving a Will
  • Challenging a Will
  • Defending against a challenge to a Will
  • Any other aspect of contentious probate
  • Tax issues related to inheritance

Whatever you requirements, we can offer a bespoke service that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about probate

What does it mean to be the Executor of a Will?

If you have been named as the Executor of a Will, you are being asked to take on the legal responsibility for handling the deceased’s estate. This includes distributing their assets as specified in the Will, as well as paying any outstanding bills and taxes, including inheritance tax.

You do not have to accept this responsibility and most Wills will specify at least two executors and as many as four. Is it normal to consult a solicitor when named as the Executor of a Will to ensure you correctly discharge all of your duties.

Who inherits if there is no Will?

If there is no Will, the law decides who inherits the deceased’s estate. This will generally depend on where the deceased was living, whether they are survived by a spouse or civil partner and if they had any children (biological or adopted, but not stepchildren).

If the deceased does not have a surviving spouse, civil partner or children, other close relatives may be able to inherit. If there are no sufficiently close relatives, the deceased’s whole estate normally goes to the Crown.

Can you challenge a Will if you think it is unfair?

You may be able to challenge a Will if you think it is unfair, but the grounds for doing so are fairly narrow. If you believe the Will was made when the deceased was not of sound mind, or was under undue influence from someone else, or that the Will is in any other way not legally sound, this may give you grounds for a challenge.

Children who have been disinherited, or do not agree with the level of their inheritance, may be able to make a challenge, but the chances of success are highly dependent on the circumstances.

Why use Franklins’ probate solicitors in Northampton?

Franklins Solicitors has more than 30 years of experience helping clients to deal with a wide range of issues related to probate, Wills and inheritance. We employ more than 100 staff across our offices in Northampton and central Milton Keynes, giving us both breadth and depth of expertise in many areas of the law.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most technologically advanced firms of solicitors in the UK, offering a truly modern legal service by combining traditional legal expertise with the latest innovations.

Franklins Solicitors is accredited to ISO 9001 standard and is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society. We are also a recognised Investor in People, which means our staff are trained to the best possible standards. As a result, we are able to provide excellence as standard, not as an exception.

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