Franchising Solicitors in Northampton

Franchising a business can be a highly cost-effective way to rapidly expand, while becoming a franchisee allows you to get on board with a proven commercial concept. However, to ensure the franchise model works for you, it is essential that all of the legal details be handled correctly.

Franklins’ expert franchising solicitors in Northampton can help you negotiate and manage every aspect of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, ensuring you can both achieve success. We can also assist you with any other issues related to franchises, including buying or selling an existing franchise.

So, if you need a franchise agreement, are involved in a franchise dispute, are looking to buy or sell a franchise, or have any other franchise-related issues you need help with, get in touch with our franchising solicitors in Northampton today.

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Franklins’ franchising services in Northampton

We offer a comprehensive services for franchisors and franchisees, helping you to achieve your commercial objectives while staying legally and financially protected.

Franchise agreements

A franchise agreement defines the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, including each party’s rights and responsibilities, and the franchise fees. These documents can be highly complicated, so it is essential that both franchisor and franchisee have their own expert legal representation to ensure all of the details are correctly included and understood by both parties.

Franchise dispute resolution

Disagreements between franchisors and franchisees can be costly and time consuming for both. We have extensive experience with franchise disputes, so can help you find fast, effectively solutions that allow both parties to move forward while ensuring your interests stay protected.

Our expertise in non-confrontational dispute resolution means we can usually find a solution without the need for court action, making it easier to maintain a positive franchisor-franchisee relationship, which can be critical if you wish to continue working together.

Buying or selling a franchise

If you are a franchisee or prospective franchisee planning on buying or selling an existing franchise, we can advise you on all of the legal implications, including your responsibilities towards the franchisor. This can allow you to complete the transaction quickly and efficiently while making sure that your legal and financial interests are protected.

Our franchising legal expertise

Franklins has over 30 years’ experience helping franchisors and franchisees to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. We know all the key issues that need to be accounted for and can help to proactively prevent problems, while ensuring that any issues that do occur can be quickly resolved.

We have over 100 staff spread across our Northampton and Milton Keynes offices, working with businesses throughout the East Midlands and South East England. Our goal is to be one of the UK’s most innovative law firms, so we take an approach based on bringing together traditional legal expertise with the latest technology. As a result, we are able to offer a truly modern approach to the law for our clients.

We are accredited to ISO 9001 standard and Lexcel accredited by the Law Society. We are also a recognised Investor in People. These achievements reflect our commitment to providing excellence as standard, not as an exception.

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