Employment Solicitors in Northampton

When things aren’t going well at work, the effects can be far-reaching. Our employment solicitors in Northampton help clients get things back on track in the workplace, and to take action when they have been badly treated.

We advise employees who work across of range of sectors and industries, in large and small businesses, throughout England and Wales. We deal with all types of employment law issues, from misconduct, to redundancy, to discrimination. And our team of employment solicitors in Northampton provides the very best advice on managing situations and getting the right outcome through correspondence with employers or at tribunal, if it comes to it.

As well as knowing the law inside out and keeping on top of the developments in legislation and in the decisions of the courts and tribunals, our team provides the strategic support that can make all the difference. It means that your case is handled expertly; delicately where necessary and robustly where that’s appropriate. Our many years of experience in guiding clients through workplace issues allows us to quickly get to the heart of situation and to design the quickest, most economical solution – one that takes account of any ongoing relationships that need to be preserved.

Because not every employment law issue involves an employee leaving their job, many of the situations on which we advise clients are to do with enforcing an employee’s rights; to receive proper pay or to work the correct number of hours or helping them achieve better ways of working. We also recognise our role in ensuring that the employment relationship can continue well into the future.

Talk to us as soon as an issue presents itself. We’ll be able to take those early steps towards resolving the situation before it gets too far down the line. You’ll find that we’re supportive; we listen. We’ll explain your position and your options in a way that makes sense to you. And we’ll work closely with you to get the right result.

How can settlement agreement be used to resolve employment disputes?

An employer and employee (or former employee) will write a settlement agreement, in which the employee agrees they will not refer a specific matter or matters to an Employment Tribunal, normally in exchange for a one-off cash payment and/or other concessions from the employer.

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Resources for employees in Northampton

Citizens Advice Bureau in Northampton

The CAB is a source of free, independent, confidential and impartial advice. It’s a useful first port of call but bear in mind that the Bureau will not advise or act for you in the same way as a specialist employment lawyer will. Contact us for detailed advice, and representation.

You’ll find Northampton Citizens Advice on Mercers Row.


The Government website has some good basic information about the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees. If you’re looking for more, get in touch with us. We’ll be able to show you how the law applies to your particular situation, and we’ll help you take the legal and tactical steps that are needed.   

Courts and Tribunals in Northampton

https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/search/ is a centralised, Government resource that lets you input details of your location and your situation in order to find the most suitable local court or tribunal.