Family Solicitors in Milton Keynes


Are you experiencing a family breakdown? Worried about what will happen to your children and your home if you divorce or separate? Whatever the nature of your family matter, we can help you achieve a swift resolution to get your family life back on track.

Franklins’ friendly team of family solicitors in Milton Keynes can assist you with the many difficult, challenging and sensitive aspects of family law and are here to help guide and support you throughout your family matter.

We know that each family we work with is different, facing their own unique circumstances, dynamics, relationships and troubles which can sometimes escalate into upsetting disputes.

As specialists in family law, it is  our job to help you tackle these issues, reduce tensions and find a quick and positive outcome, especially if children are involved.

Our dedicated team of family law solicitors can help you with a variety of family matters including:

Specialist Family Law Advice in Milton Keynes

From our experience, we know that family issues can often be the most difficult to deal with. Combining a sensitive and caring approach with strong determination, our family solicitors always do what we can to ensure that no conflict is dragged out longer than it needs to be.

Our team will take the time to get to know you to gain a good understanding of your individual case and precise family problem. This will enable us to give you the most appropriate bespoke and tailored advice to match your exact circumstances.

We’ll do all that we can to protect your interests and ensure that your family conflict is resolved in a way that leaves you with minimal stress.

Expert Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Solicitors in Milton Keynes

Ending a marriage or civil partnership is a painful, distressing and difficult time in your life -  without even considering the legal process. In our experience, we often find that with emotions and tensions running high, separating couples struggle to reach fair agreements on issues such as the division of assets, property and children – which can, therefore, lead to costly court room battles.

Guided by our expertise in tactical negotiation, on-going support and practical advice, you can be sure our family solicitors will help you reach a satisfactory resolution, as soon as possible, saving you precious time and money.

Our team

Whatever that nature of your enquiry, our extensive experience and expertise in these matters will help put you at ease. You can be confident that your family problem is being handled in the most professional, cost effective and conciliatory manner with the primary focus always being the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Mediation in Milton Keynes

Mediation involves a professional mediator working with both parties to discuss the outcome of their separation in a calm and considered environment. We have a trained Mediator at Franklins, Deborah Whicker.  

 A mediator actively makes suggestions to guide both parties towards an agreeable resolution. In many cases, this can work well to resolve matters efficiently and enable your divorce or dissolution to be completed  As swiftly as possible.

We are firm believers in keeping  matters out of court, where possible. Using methods of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, our family law solicitors in Milton Keynes can guide both you and your ex-partner towards a swift resolution.  

Domestic Violence Advice in Milton Keynes

If you are subject to domestic abuse, it can be difficult to talk to anyone about your situation. You may worry that discussing matters with a member of law enforcement could make things even worse.

We believe that no one should suffer this kind of abuse in silence. Our highly trained specialist solicitors work every day to protect clients from physical and mental abuse in their home through legally binding court orders.

With a sensitive but firm approach, you can rely on our family solicitors in Milton Keynes for support, reinforcement, advice and legal action that will put an end to the abuse you are experiencing in your home.

If you are currently involved in a family conflict, are separating from your partner or seek protection from abuse in the home, Franklins family solicitors in Milton Keynes will be there for you from start to finish, to help protect your interests and to find a quick resolution. Give us a call on 01908 660966 to talk to a member of our team or fill out our contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.