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Every business experiences legal challenges, both routine, such as dealing with commercial contracts, and more complex, such as resolving business disputes. Having the right legal advice and representation means you can protect your business and find fast, cost-effective solutions that match your overall commercial goals.

Franklins’ commercial solicitors in Milton Keynes have a reputation built on hard work and a strong track record of success representing a wide range of business clients. We shape our legal strategy around your commercial objectives, ensuring we can find tailored solutions to even the most challenging legal issues you face.

Our business law team has the experience and expertise to deal with any issues you experience and advise you on practical measures to prevent potential problems, including creating strong employment contracts and terms and conditions. We regularly work with a variety of businesses of different sizes across a range of industries, giving us relevant experience for most business types and circumstances.

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Our commercial law services in Milton Keynes

Our highly skilled commercial law solicitors in Milton Keynes have the expertise to help you with a wide range of legal issues, offering a comprehensive service for your business.

Company formation

When starting any type of business, it is important to get specialist legal advice to ensure you take all of the appropriate legal steps. This includes choosing the right company structure and, depending on the type of business, may involve acquiring premises, applying for appropriate business licences and creating partnership or shareholder agreements and contracts of employment.

Our corporate lawyers in Milton Keynes have helped numerous companies to get started, so can provide the expert advice you need to ensure your enterprise gets off the ground on a firm footing while making sure you meet all of your legal obligations.

Employment law

Employment legislation can be complicated and is regularly updated, while the penalties for getting it wrong can be serious, both financially and for your business’s reputation. Having the right employment law and HR support is therefore essential to make sure you can manage your employees effectively while meeting your legal obligations.

Our employment law solicitors in Milton Keynes can help you with everything from producing and reviewing employment contracts and staff handbooks, to advising you on issues such as discrimination legislation, terminations and redundancy. We are also highly experienced in handling employment disputes, including Employment Tribunals, helping to find effective solutions to even the most complex disputes.

Commercial property law

Commercial property can be highly lucrative, both for property investors and for developers, not to mention the importance of getting the right deal on your business premises. Having skilled legal advice in your corner ensures that your commercial property deals can go ahead smoothly and on schedule while protecting you against any potential future issues.

Our commercial property solicitors in Milton Keynes have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial property law. We can advise you on everything from acquiring property and development sites, financial planning, construction contracts and commercial property sales and leasing.

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

When planning to acquire, merge with or dispose of a business, careful planning and preparation is required to ensure the deal matches your overall business goals while keeping you legally and financially protected at all times.

Our commercial solicitors can guide you through the entire process of a merger, acquisition or disposal, supporting you with everything from sales and purchase agreements, to investing and funding structures, TUPE and all other related issues. Having worked with a wide range of businesses on these issues over the years, we can help to ensure you get the best possible deal for your interests.

Commercial dispute resolution

Not matter how well you run your business, you will likely run into disagreements and other issues that you need help resolving. Having the right dispute resolution support can help you to find solutions that match your business goals quickly and cost-effectively while protecting your reputation and commercial relationships.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors in Milton Keynes have expertise in a wide range of business disputes, including contractual disputes, professional negligence claims, employment disputes, business debt recovery and director and shareholder disputes.

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