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Why you should make a Will

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Why make a Will

Many of us don’t want to think about what will happen to our property and personal possessions after we’re no longer here, but Rosie Wright explains why it’s so important to make a Will…

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

Without a valid Will, the rules set down by the state, known as the rules of intestacy, determine how your assets will be dealt with - regardless of any wishes you may have had. There might be members of your family, close friends or charities you’d have liked to benefit, who won’t under these rules. And you might have funeral wishes that would otherwise go unknown.

What can I decide with a Will?

A Will allows you to decide all sorts of things - who will benefit, by how much, and most importantly, who will be your Executors. While who benefits from your Estate and by how much is important, there are many things in a Will that aren’t legally binding, such as funeral wishes. So it’s crucial to select the right people as your executors, who will do their utmost to carry out your wishes.

Other benefits of making a Will

Having a Will in place lets you to provide for the loved ones you leave behind, safe in the knowledge their worries will be minimised. Your Executors will know who they are and they’ll know what your wishes are, so they’ll be able to distribute your Estate accordingly. Finally, it makes it easier for those you leave behind.

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