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Is talking about end of life care still taboo?

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Compassion in Dying is a national charity working to inform and empower people to exercise their rights and choices around end-of-life care. I share a bit about a specific campaign they have launched which I think is an important one…

Compassion in Dying is trying to make talking about end of life care less of a taboo subject. In aid of this effort they have launched a new campaign encouraging people to record their wishes in relation to medical care and treatment in case tragedy strikes.

You can find out more about their campaign on their website here:

This is such an important topic but many people fail to discuss these matters with their nearest and dearest and most never get round to putting pen to paper. I come across some really upsetting circumstances every week with families where not enough was thought about, or planned before the illness of a loved one.

It is natural for people to worry about what will happen to them in the future and the new campaign is aiming to promote the use of ‘Advance Decisions’, a legally binding record of what treatment you would or would not want to receive in certain situations.

Many people would be happy leaving that decision to their family and friends to make for them but unless you make written provision via a Lasting Power of Attorney they do not have that automatic right, instead it falls to the medical practitioners to make best interest decisions.

If you have yet to put your thoughts on paper and the right instruments in place to help enforce your wishes, I would urge you to contact me or one of our highly experienced team here at Franklins. You can call us on 01604 828 282, or email me on for a confidential conversation.

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