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Dispute over a Deceased's estate - Williams' family agonise over possessions

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Dispute over a Deceased's estate

It was so sad to hear recently that Robin Williams' widow and children have gone to court in a dispute over the distribution of his estate.

Following his death in August 2014 Susan (Robin William’s widow) has accused his children of taking items without her permission. The children are arguing that this is in accordance with their father’s wishes.

The dispute involves personal possessions that Robin Williams kept at his two homes and in storage. Susan considers that the contents of the home she shared with her husband be excluded from the items her husband said his children should have.

Williams' children perhaps unsurprisingly take the opposite view, saying there should be no limit to what they are entitled to. Some of the items they are arguing about are the actor's collection of watches and the Oscar statuette he won in 1998 for Good Will Hunting.

It is an increasingly common trend for people to argue over an estate and these arguments are not always over money, often they arise from confusion and misunderstanding about the deceased’s intentions.

My team and I work closely with our clients to help support them in putting in place the right legal structures (like a will for example) to avoid the painful situation that quite obviously the Williams' family are going through.

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