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Becoming Dementia Friends

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Old and young hands

Since becoming a Dementia Friend with my colleague, Natasha Thorne, in October 2016, Franklins has joined the initiative to understand more about the disease. Read on to find out how we’re helping to spread the word and get others to become Dementia Friends, too…

Understanding dementia

Franklins are on a mission to understand more about dementia and how we can help others who are suffering from the disease. Since we joined the initiative back in October, Franklin’s whole Private Client Department, in Milton Keynes and Northampton, are now Dementia Friends, together with 16 other employees.

Dementia UK published statistics that 1 in 79 people in the UK population and 1 in 14 people aged 65 and over will suffer from dementia. This highlights the importance of being more aware of the disease and how it can affect the mind.

Through becoming a Dementia Friend, you learn how the disease affects the mind, how this may affect the individual’s perception of their surroundings, and techniques to help the individual concerned.

Become a friend

At Franklins, we’re working towards all of our staff becoming Dementia Friends and recommend that others join, too. You don’t have to be in an organisation to join the initiative - anybody of any age can become a Dementia Friend and spread their knowledge and experience on to others.

As a Private Client Solicitor, I meet people of all ages on a daily basis to talk about Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and how to administer an individual’s estate when they have passed away.

The information provided by Dementia Friends has been invaluable. It’s helped me to understand the disease and how we can help people who are suffering from it, even if this is simply by making sure they feel comfortable and safe.

Having Dementia doesn’t mean you’re unable to make critical decisions about where you’d like your estate to go after your death, or who you’d like to appoint to look after you and your affairs if you lose capacity.

If you’d like some advice about preparing a Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure your affairs are in order, please get in touch on 01908 660966 or email me.

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