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Housing Market to have a new Housing Complaints Service

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Both homeowners and tenants will now be able to have access to a complaints scheme when things go wrong.

This is the first such scheme for private lettings and requires all private landlords to join the housing redress scheme. There will be a fine of up to £5000 for any private landlord failing to join the scheme.

The objective is to offer protection to all tenants and ensure that regardless of your accommodation type, there is a recourse and means of addressing issues quickly and cost effectively when things go wrong.

What will the service cover?

The scheme is due to cover a wide range of disputes to include problems with structure as well as repairs and maintenance. It will provide a single housing complaints service for all residents regardless of whether they own or rent their home with the aim of making it easier for everyone to resolve disputes as and when they arise.

In addition, the government has also repeated its commitment to establish a New Homes Ombudsman to ensure that developers are forced to take account of any issues arising in their new build properties. Development will have to belong to the organisation by 2021 and a failure to do so will prohibit the developer from participating in the Help to Buy Scheme supporting new home owners find their way onto the property ladder.

The Housing Complaints Resolution Service will be set up with input from across the sector.

What should you do now:-

If a landlord:

  • Keep appraised of the time frames for registration in order to avoid the penalties

If a developer:

  • Be prepared for the new requirements in order to continue the ability to take Help to Buy purchasers.

For further information about this service or on how to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods, contract Sarah Canning, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution on 01604 828282 or