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Court Fees increase 9 March 2015 - what the claim fees are now

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The Ministry of Justice has increases it's fees for money claims as from Monday, 9th March 2015.

The fee increases were being challenged by The Law Society that cited that the proposals are tantamount to “selling justice” contrary to the principles of Magna Carta.
In practice, Claimants will face a substantive court fee increase. For claims of £200,000, the fee moves from £1515 to £10,000 . Claims between £10,000 and £200,000 will attract a court fee of 5% of the amount claimed with claimants issuing through Secure Data Transfer or Money Claims Online (MCOL) eligible for a 0.5% discount (charged 4.5% of the value of the claim) - although claims over £100,000 may not use the MCOL system.

The Law Society issued the following example of what this increase means in practice:-

Law Society example of court fees

It has always been necessary for a Claimant to make carefully considered commercial decisions when contemplating litigation.

The following fees are what you can find on the Courts and Tribunal website:

Court fees increase - figures

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