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Ed Sheeran copyright matter has settled

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Writing musical notesLast year, songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington brought a claim for copyright against Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” in relation to their song “Amazing”, as released in 2011 by X-Factor winner, Matt Cardle. For further information, please refer to my post during the course of the case last year.

Thomas and Martin have been represented by Richard Busch, the same attorney who was successful in obtaining a settlement in a copyright claim regarding the song “Blurred Lines” for Marvin Gaye against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams in 2014.

A sum of £13.2 million ($20million) has been agreed in settlement of the copyright claim. Comments have neither been made by Richard Busch, nor the spokeswoman for Atlantic Records representing Ed Sheeran.

Despite the song costing Ed a hefty sum, he has been performing it as part of his set during his recent tour around the U.K.