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The falling divorce rate is great news, but so are pre-nuptial agreements

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IMale & Female disagreementt’s great to hear that the divorce rate is falling, as reported online by the Daily Mail, but there were still 101,000 or so divorces in 2015, which is a big number whatever way you look at it.

Divorce is a big deal on a personal level and is often emotionally traumatic, but that’s before you begin to consider the fall out in relation to money and other issues. Needless to say, that can make a bad situation worse.

Settlement by agreement
At Franklins, wherever possible, we encourage settlement by agreement between the parties. It’s quicker, less antagonistic and enables you to move on, not to mention the savings in legal costs.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Pre- Nuptial Agreements are another way of taking the heat out of a break up. Here you and your intended spouse agree between you, before you marry, what should happen in the event of a later, unfortunate separation. As long as certain conditions are satisfied, generally speaking the court will now take the agreement into consideration and, if it is fair to do so, uphold it.  Again that can serve to avoid protracted and costly litigation.

Set of gold wedding ringsYou don’t want to be one of the 101,000 divorce cases, but if you are, you want to be sure that you do all you can to manage it sensibly and effectively. We will support you through those difficult times to make moving on as easy as possible.

If you need further advice or assistance on pre-nuptial agreements, mediation and financial settlements, we have a dedicated Family Law team who will deal with your case confidentially and sensitively. Contact us at our Milton Keynes office on 01908 660966 or at our Northampton office on 01604 828282.

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