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Billionaire Property Developer Claims He Was Never Married In An Attempt To Prevent Wife's Claim On His Fortune

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A billionaire property developer has tried to protect his £1.1bn fortune from a claim by his estranged wife by claiming that they were never married. He has claimed that his marriage was based on a fake certificate which they obtained in order that their adopted child could get a passport.

Male & Female disagreementThe wife claimed that a Muslim ceremony of marriage had taken place in Malawi in 2002 but the husband has claimed that no ceremony ever took place and a “certificate of convenience” was required to get a UK Passport for a child they had informally adopted.

The QC representing the wife in the proceedings claimed that the wife is entitled to and does rely on the presumption of marriage. They presented as a married couple from 2002 until they separated in 2016. The divorce proceedings were concluded at the end of 2016 and at no point during the divorce proceedings did the husband claim that they were not married.   

The husband is CEO and founder of a property group which owns large portions of the West End in London. However, the husband has claimed that he has “no capital” and was a “Man of straw”.

The case continues…

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