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Does divorce run in the family?

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Recent studies have established a pattern that children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced themselves Although no actual figures setting out the percentage have been released to date, it appears to follow the same trend in relation to children whose parents smoke are more likely to end up as smokers and abused children are more likely to end up becoming abusers. 

It hasFamily break-up to be said that this is a very broad brush approach and it may well be that for this reason no actual percentages have been revealed as yet. In my experience, every divorce is different. I have dealt with parties whose parents have been divorced and similarly parents who have not. It does not of course mean that those parents who have stayed together necessarily experienced a happy marriage, with many couples staying together for the sake of children and/or financial security rather than taking the step to move forward. 

What is perhaps more revealing is a study carried out in Sweden, where the results showed that adopted children were more likely to resemble their biological parents in relation to the divorce trend, rather than their adoptive parents. This could strengthen the argument that divorce does run in the family and could even be genetic. 

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