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Victoria Beckham trademarks the Beckham children's names

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Following the trademarks granted for David Beckham in 2000 and Victoria Beckham in 2002, Victoria has now trademarked the four Beckham children’s names: namely Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham and Harper Beckham in the U.K. and Europe.

Further to Victoria filing the application on 22nd December of last year, she now (as the children’s parent and guardian) holds the right to use the trademarked names in the U.K. and Europe. The trademarks can be used on products varying from dolls to beauty products.

By registering their names as trademarks, Victoria has prevented anyone else in the music, film or TV industries from referring to themselves under the children’s names. She has also protected the names from being used by anyone else, without consent.

Legal experts have commented that it is a good move in obtaining a trademark before the individual becomes too famous as it is much easier to do. It then only allows others to use the trademarked name with the consent of Victoria Beckham, as and when that may be provided. Some experts are heard to have made comments that registering, Harper in particulars name (as she is only age 5) is unprecedented.

Despite the fact that Harper especially is very young, in protecting the children’s names by registering them as trademarks, some lawyers have been said to see Victoria’s “future-proofing” as a sensible and protective step. This is especially true when you consider the continuous development and progression of social media, often most frequently noted regarding the exposure of celebrities.


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