I have just taken out a pension for my old age. A friend of mine suggested that I should also write out a Will. I am unmarried, have no children, in my early thirties and regularly visit the gym. With no one to take care of, what would be the point?

I understand the point you are making here and it may seem to you an unnecessary expense however it is our strong advice that if you have any assets at all you should make a will which directs where you would like your estate to go in the event of your death.

If you have strong feelings about friends or family or indeed a charity who should inherit from your estate then your wishes may not be carried out if you die intestate.

Any life changing event that may occur in the future such as getting married, having children or someone close to you dying may prompt you to review this decision however a Will is the best way to control and direct what you have when you have passed away.